The mail server at moderators.schnuerpel.eu acts as Usenet moderation relay.

Administrative contact

The role accounts postmaster and abuse should work. Alternatively you can use alexander.bartolich@gmx.at when the machine breaks down or is blacklisted.

How moderated groups work in Usenet

Note that the configuration of news servers typically does not refer to moderation relays directly. Abstract host name moderators.isc.org is used instead. The DNS configuration of the Internet Systems Consortium rotates through the available relay machines. A typical snapshot looks like this:

$ host -t mx moderators.isc.org
moderators.isc.org mail is handled by 10 moderators.schnuerpel.eu.
moderators.isc.org mail is handled by 10 moderators.individual.net.


I use the blacklist maintained by German IT magazine iX. See www.dnsbl.manitu.net. If your Usenet server is blocked by this blacklist, please contact me.

If you are moderator, or operate the mailbox of a moderator, and receive spam through moderators.schnuerpel.eu: Please calm down. It is not possible to operate a relay spam free. If you insist on adding the machine to a blacklist then you will cut off yourself from newsgroup submissions. (Of course all moderators that passively trust the blacklist will also be cut off.)

If you deploy reputation based anti-spam measures then please whitelist all mail servers referenced by moderators.isc.org.